Busy Retirement – Oxymoron???

I thought, like most people, that retirement would bring a slower pace of life.  NOT SO!!  I seem to be just as busy as when I worked full-time.  I must admit that this has been a total surprise.  The difference is that I have some control over the craziness, so I’m not so stressed-out.  😀

About a month ago I wrote about going to work at the bank where my husband works.  You might be wondering how that is going.  After working for several weeks, I’m happy to report that I’m enjoying my work and things are going good.  The scanning of files started out somewhat slow because I was not only learning how to use the new program, but I was also having to learn “bank lingo” and banking document vocabulary.  I now have a better understanding about why there are SOOOO many documents to sign when purchasing a house!  I have gone to the two other banks and shown them how to use the program.  There was one new “development” last week.  There has been some discussion with the “tech” people about problems with the program that have been discovered through its usage.  The bank is now considering going to another, better program.  I look at it as another challenge to overcome.

When I retired from teaching, I did put my name in for substitute teaching.  Well, I finally got to sub one day last week.  Yea!  It was fun seeing the students and visiting with my teacher friends.  I miss them SO much!  Many former students seemed genuinely happy to see me as evidenced by the number of hugs I received throughout the day.  I’ve already got a three day subbing assignment for next week.

The biggest advantage of being retired is you have the freedom to DO the things you WANT to do.  This weekend I decided to have a “girls” weekend with my daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and sister-in-law.  This all came about because this weekend is the opening of firearms deer season in our state.  My hubby is meeting our youngest son and grandson and taking them deer hunting on the family farm (it’s unfortunate that the oldest son won’t be able to join them, but he just lives too far away for a weekend trip).  They will be meeting up with my husband’s brother, brother-in-law, and nephew.  I decided to take advantage of the men being gone and invited all the “girls” (who are “deer hunting widows”) to my house for the weekend.  The men will have their kind of fun, and the girls will have….well, A BLAST!!  I’m sure there will be pictures on the next post!

Until then, God Bless!

So, I’m FINALLY retired!

August 24, 2012:  My Journey Begins

Last May, 2012, I retired from a 31 year teaching career.  After submitting my letter of resignation to the school board in Novemer, 2011, the next several months brought inquiring comments from many people well-wishers.  Of course, the most asked question was, “What are you going to do when you retire?” (Now that is a novel idea: you have to DO something when you retire?!).  After being asked that question a number of times (too numerous to count!), I started wondering if I had made a mistake by resigning my job – a job I loved.  As the month of May last day of school approached, I HAD to begin to consider the answer to that question.  What WAS I going to do when I retired?

Since most teachers have summers off time away from their classrooms during the summer months, my first days weeks of retirement seemed like every other summer.  There was one exception; everywhere I went people were now asking, “So, how is retirement?”  How do you answer that question when it feels like nothing has really changed?  My response was always something about it feeling just like every other summer.  I filled my days with the normal summer activities (sleeping in, swimming, visiting family, cleaning out closets -UGH!) just like any other summer.  However, before I knew it, I was changing my calendar to August.

I began seeing vehicles in the school parking lots (I live in a small town, very close to the school).  My teacher friends were coming to school to get their classrooms ready for the beginning of a new school year.  It was beginning to “sink in” that I would not be going back to my classroom.  The hot, August days went by quickly, and before I knew it, it was the week that school was starting.  First there would be several days of teacher meetings and professional development seminars.  Then the students would arrive on Thursday. NOW I was beginning to  needed to was panick-stricken!  The question that I had been asked so many times had finally sunk in:  What WAS I going to do now that I am retired?

Throughout the summer I thought a lot about the answer to that question.  I have come up with numerous an overabundance of ideas of things I could do.  How would I choose what to do with my extra time new-found freedom?  I am embarking on a new and wondrous stage of my life.  I am finally excited about all the ideas I’ve come up with possibilities.  I hope to share in this blog through journaling and photos the things excitement I experience traveling along this new “road” of my life.

Won’t you join me?

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