Demeaning, devilish disease that degrades its victims….

Diabolically erodes a person’s ability to recall memories and process incoming and outgoing information….

Daily it wreaks havoc in the life of the individual as well as the lives of all who love and care for the person with the disease….

Delusional visions and disconnected conversations dominate the days….

Detestable anxiety and ominous nightmares have dominion in the darkness of night….

Despicable is the only way to describe its effect….

Damn Dementia!

I truly DETEST what you’ve done to my mother!!


My precious 81 year old mother was diagnosed with mild subcortical dementia mid-June, 2013. August 6, 2013, she became very ill and was eventually diagnosed with West Nile virus.  The virus attacked her muscles and worsened the dementia tenfold.  She has needed 24 hour care ever since.  It has been a trying eight months, to say the least.  My 83 year old dad has managed quite well taking care of mom with minimal assistance from Visiting Angels and my two sisters and myself.  However, around the second week of March, my sisters and I noticed our father’s health declining.  We had decided last October when we brought mom home, that if daddy’s health began to suffer as a result of the constant care he was giving mom, we would have to move mom to a skilled nursing facility.  We agonized over this decision, but we knew it was best. We moved mom on March 21st, and I stayed with dad for the following week (my sisters had already scheduled their vacations for the week of March 24th).  My dad was very sad at first, but he has gotten some much needed rest, has worked out his “routine,” and visits mom every afternoon.  He is doing so much better now.  It was the ABSOLUTELY HARDEST thing I/we have ever done.  Once I got home and rested up a bit, I kept thinking about how much I hated this disease called Dementia.  Hence, I wrote this poem as a way of expressing my feelings and frustrations.

Turn Your Thinking Around

WOW! This is from Jennifer over at “Loving Life at Home.” Thank you for reminding us about the difference between the worldly view of marriage and the Christian view of marriage.

Loving Life at Home

Have you bought into society’s low view of marriage? It’s time to turn your thinking around. Read through the following statements from top to bottom, then bottom to top. Which better reflects what you believe? (Personally, I believe this is one instance that backward thinking makes the best sense).

It's Time to Turn Your Thinking Around : Re-examining What We Believe about Marriage | Loving Life at Home

What Society Teaches about Marriage:
(read top to bottom)

Modern day marriages don’t last
That is why
You should only look out for #1
It is foolish to think
You can live happily ever after
By giving your all
To build up your man
Take whatever measures are necessary
To maintain your autonomy
Don’t worry about trying
To give 110%
Always remember instead
That marriage is a 50-50 proposition
Don’t think for a minute
Your husband will respond in kind
If you treat him with respect
That’s a lie
Being a submissive wife makes you a doormat
I don’t believe

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