We headed back to Missouri (from OKC) on Tuesday morning, October 3rd, to go to Branson and then Springfield, MO, for two weeks.  We went to Branson first and stayed at Oak Grove RV Park.  It was really nice, however, I forgot to take pictures.  I absolutely HAVE to start thinking constantly about taking pictures of everything!  In fact, I took very few pictures in the last two weeks.  😭  We met up with good friends from Dexter:  Pam & Perry Jolliff and Don & Lou Kennedy.  Here we are with these special friends.  In the first picture is (L to R) Pam, Perry, and Don.  Second picture is Jack, me, and Lou.

While in Branson, we drove up to Springfield one day to eat at Cheddars.  I didn’t have the chicken pot pie because the last time I posted about Cheddars and eating the chicken pot pie, I got several suggestions of other good menu items to try.  So, this time I had the Monti Cristo sandwich with potato soup and, OF COURSE, one of their delicious croissants. 🥐  O.M.Gosh!  Both the soup and the sandwich were SOOOOOO delicious!!

Pam and Perry had arrived in Branson a day or two before we arrived, and they left the day after we arrived.  It was great to visit with them.  The rest of our time in Branson we hung out with Don and Lou.  We went to the IMAX and saw “Blade Runner – 2049.”  WOW!  That was a good movie!  We had not seen the first Blade Runner, but Don filled us in on the important details from the first movie.  Now I really want to see the first Blade Runner.

One afternoon we went the The Dutton’s show in Branson.  What a wonderful show!  This is a musical show comprised of three generations from one family who play blue grass music (along with other music genres), sing, and dance.  The family consists of Dean and Shirley (the parents) who decided when their kids were very young that the children should learn to play instruments because of the discipline and hard work that they would learn from the experience.  When the children started learning blue grass music, they begged their parents to join them so they could become a band.  Dean, who was an economics professor, dusted off his guitar and Shirley, who had many talents but didn’t consider music as one of them,  learned to play the bass violin.  They got their “big break” some time in the 1970″s (I think) when they entered a contest in Paris, France, and won.  That put their music career on the fast track to success.  They were also finalists in America’s Got Talent in 2007.  The children are grown now and have children of their own.  They ALL participate in the show displaying their various musical talents.  If you are looking for a Branson show that consists of various musical styles, comedy, the sharing of some of the family’s personal “struggles” through life, and one that expresses the performers’ patriotism and faith in God, I would highly recommend The Duttons.  We were truly blessed that afternoon!

While staying in Branson, we spent a couple of nights playing cards at Don and Lou’s condo.  We played “Oh, Pshaw!” which is based on the game of spades with several unusual “twists.”  It’s a fun game that is totally unpredictable.  We also taught Don and Lou how to play Three Thirteen which is based on rummy and is equally unpredictable.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

We also ate out at some delicious places.  If you go to Branson and want some good places to eat be sure to stop in at McFarlains (best cornbread EVER!), Golden Corral, and a little diner called Cakes and Cream.  Cakes and Cream has THE BEST funnel cake I have EVER eaten (and I’m a funnel cake connoisseur)!  It’s topped with strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry!  Take my word – share the hamburger and french fries with your spouse or a friend so you can save plenty of room for the funnel cake!  You will be glad you did.  Here is a picture of the inside of Cakes and Cream.  I wish I had a picture of the funnel cake for you.  😔

From Branson we went on to Springfield for a week.  We visited with Jack’s mom, brother (Carl), and sister (Carol), and her husband (Delano).  We had fun playing Skip Bo with Jack’s mom (she won most of the games, of course!).  We went out to supper with Carol and Delano one night, and then we went back to their house and taught them how to play Oh Pshaw!  Carol wasn’t sure she liked the game AT ALL in the beginning, but she decided it was kind of fun AFTER she won!  Jack spent one day with his broyther, Carl, doing “guy” things.  One night I had dinner with a good friend who I used to teach 5th grade with in Dexter that I hadn’t seen for about 12 years.  It was so good to visit with her!

While in the area, one day we went to Bass Pro Shop (if you haven’t been to the original one in Springfield, MO, you must put it on your Bucket List!).  They have a new Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium (there is a hefty entry fee for this, so we didn’t go in), an area that tells the history of Bass Pro Shop along with an exhibit of the original Brown Derby store that housed the first Bass Pro Shop and aquarium, and a Motor Sports Museum (free!) with NASCAR and other racing memorabilia.  The history of Bass Pro Shops was very interesting, and the racing museum was awesome!

We walked down to the other end of the store to take a look at their gun museum.  It was fabulous!  We saw guns used by Annie Oakley, Jessie James, various other outlaws, guns used in Olympic competitions, shotguns used by various U.S. Presidents, and guns used in movies by stars such as John Wayne, Mark Wahlburg, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, and many others that I can’t remember now.  Reading about all the guns (some of which were VERY old) and who used them was VERY interesting!

On the walk back through the store to the entrance we came in, I stopped and caught a 26 pound “stripper!”  😂

All in all we had a great time with family and friends these past two weeks in the Branson/Springfield area.  Now we are headed back to the STL area for about a month so my younger sister can get away for a vacation and I can visit with my parents.  The best thing about having a “home on wheels” is that all the comforts of home not only go with you, but you can actually travel in your comfy, squishy, soft slippers!

So, for now … “On the Road Again!”



,🎶O – 🎶 O – 🎶 O 🎶 – Oklahoma Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain!

Well, we’ve “moved” again.  We left Springfield, MO, on Tuesday, September 19, and drove to Oklahoma City to spend a couple of weeks with our youngest son and his family.  We decided to go a different route because the KOA campground we were staying at is on I 40 about 15-20 miles east of the OKC (Choctaw, OK).  We drove to Joplin, MO, then headed south on I 49 to Fort Smith, AR, where we picked up I 40 west.  It took us a little longer than we anticipated, but it was a pretty drive.  Oh, well…live and learn!

By the time we arrived and set up camp I knew I wasn’t feeling the best.  I had been experiencing the telltale signs of a good ‘ole UTI. 😩  I immediately googled “urgent care clinics near me” because I knew I didn’t need to wait to start an antibiotic.  Fortunately I found one very near to our camp AND on the way to see the grandkids.  We stopped, I got in and out fairly quickly, filled my prescription, and headed to the kids’ house for a late supper of baked spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread.  It was delicious! 😋 We visited for a while, but then it was time for grandkids to go to bed and for us to get back to our “home.”  Tomorrow was a BIG day – Grandparents Day at the school where Jackson attends!

We got up early on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and picked up Jackson and took him to school.  This school is pretty smart – they have Grandparents Day in conjunction with their Scholastic Book Fair.  It is before school, so they always have donuts and coffee which, of course, we had to have!  The students then take their grandparents to see their rooms and meet their teacher, then on to the library to shop at the Book Fair!  They KNOW that grandparents are suckers will spend money on buying their grandchildren all the stuff they want!  When it was time for school to start, all the students went to their classrooms and all the grandparents left.  Here we are right after making several purchases and before school started. 

Jack and I headed back to the RV because after traveling all day the day before, we were pretty tired.  Plus my UTI was making me pretty uncomfortable.  What I didn’t ‘t know was I had picked up a stomach “bug” somewhere which hit me hard that afternoon.  😭 I went 24 hours without keeping anything down (including my antibiotic!) and had to go back to the same urgent care clinic the next day.  The doctor changed my antibiotic to something that would be “easier” on my stomach and gave me medicine for the nausea and vomiting.  Needless to say, I lost nearly a week before I felt good enough to do much at all.  Fortunately I isolated myself early enough that no one else caught the stomach bug! 😊 

Once I was feeling better we started making plans with the grandkids.  Each one got to spend the night with us in the RV, but only ONE at a time (just not enough space in the RV for all three grandkids to spend the night AND Jack and I to retain our sanity!).  When each one spent the night, we played Skip Bo, walked Zoey, and, of course, ate lots of snacks.  We all had a great time, and we can’t wait to do it again…..soon!

Look at those skip bos in Kylee’s hand!  Grandma Little will be jealous!!  We really did have fun each night with each grandkid and can’t wait to do it again.

Monday night, September 25, Mike and Jennifer’s church (Journey Church) has what they call “Girlfriends” night.  It’s a special night where all ladies are invited and encouraged to bring their girlfriends, female coworkers, sisters, daughters, moms, grandmothers, and any other lady they can think of.  They really go “all out” for this special night, with food, drinks, special games, photo booth, special music, and a guest speaker to give the message.  Jennifer, Jade, Kylee, and I attended.  It was a great night and a good message.  We didn’t make it to the photo booth, but we did get a picture of all of us when it was over and after all the confetti was blown everywhere.  

On Friday, September 29  through Saturday, September 30, Mike’s church had a Father/Son camp get-away, called Camp WOW (Walk On Water), so Jack (father), Mike (son/father) and Jackson (son/grandson) went.  They had a great time fishing, playing games, hayrides, camp fires with s’mores, and, of course, devotional times to share God’s word.  And that cast did NOT keep Jackson from catching the most fish!  

We went to church on Sundays with Mike and his family, ate meals together, played LOTS of Skip Bo, talked, visited, and enjoyed each others’ company.  All in all, I’d say we had a doggone good time!  Now we are heading to Branson, MO, to meet up with some Dexter friends for about 5 days and then on to Springfield, MO, again.  

So, for now … “On the Road Again!”  


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