“White Tank” – What Do Those Words Bring to Mind?

Did a white propane gas tank come to mind?  How about a white military tank?  A hot water heater tank?  Well, our last adventure involved the words “White Tank.”

Last Saturday, Feb. 17th, we took a little day trip to White Tank Mountain Regional Park in Waddell, Arizona (I bet a mountain didn’t pop into your mind with the words “White Tank,” did it?).  It was about a thirty minute drive, and it was well worth it.

This park is just over 29,200 acres of desert and mountain landscape and encompasses most of the White Tank Mountains.  The park has picnic areas, campgrounds (tent and RV camping) with restroom facilities equipped with showers, and an extensive network of hiking trails (almost 26 miles of trails!).  Bicycling and horseback riding are permitted on many of the trails (BYOBAH: Bring Your Own Bicycle And Horse).  Here are just a few photos of the beautiful landscape.


One of the reasons we chose last Saturday to go to this park is that they were having an arts and crafts festival.  Needless to say, the attendance at the park that day was WAY up from a normal Saturday.  The festival was unique and had a lot of interesting booths.  We enjoyed looking at all the unique and spectacular craftsmanship at each booth, and there were A LOT of booths!


The iron craftsmanship on these wall hangings and statues was absolutely amazing!



The horse standing in the foreground was beautiful (this photo does not do it justice).


This shows a really unique way to display a horseshoe from your favorite horse or any horseshoe for that matter.


Just on the edge of the rows of booths at the arts and crafts fair was this REALLY BIG cactus.  These are called Giant Saguaro and is the most fascinating plant of the Sonoran Desert.  It has a tough, waxy skin that is pleated and a woody skeleton inside the plant.  These mesmerizing plants can grow to 40 feet or more.  The saguaro blossom, which appear in April through June (so we didn’t get see any), is the state wildflower of Arizona.  They are white with a pale yellow center that has  numerous stamens.  The blossoms open well after sunset and close in mid afternoon.  Our friends, Dennis, Mary Ann, and Charlie, are in this photo with Jack, Zoey, and myself. That is one BIG cactus!


At the entrance to White Tank Mountain Regional Park is a beautiful library and nature center built in 2010.  This 29,000 square foot, LEED-certified building  (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) features a large, panoramic viewing area of the park.  The nature center includes live native reptiles, an information center, and a gift shop.  It also has numerous educational programs for children of all ages.  Imagine doing your homework, working on a computer, or just sitting and reading in this lovely environment looking out at such a wonderful and relaxing view!







We had a wonderful day enjoying the beauty of God’s creation at White Tank Mountain Regional Park.  When we returned to the RV camp and after we ate our supper, we were blessed by a gorgeous sunset through our RV windshield!


God’s paint strokes are sure beautiful, aren’t they?!

So for now ….. “On the Road Again!”




Last Wednesday (Feb. 7) we drove over to the east side of Phoenix and visited Scottsdale, Arizona. It took us about an hour and a half to get there because we had some traffic congestion through downtown Phoenix.

Scottsdale is a lovely city! It is very modern, well groomed with beautiful landscaping and flowers. There’s lots of places to shop, eat, and just sit at tables at outside cafes and relax. However, the best part is “Old Town Scottsdale.”

Old Town Scottsdale is a little tourist-y (aka: tourist trap!) but it is unique and quaint. We enjoy a leisurely day of shopping, browsing, eating tacos for lunch, and a stop for some delicious ice cream.


Quaint shops with unique store fronts.


Lots of parking!


Unusual paper weights.


I thought about buying this for my daughter-in-law, but then I decided I wanted to keep her as my friend! She HATES spiders!!


Speaking of “unusual!” This is an unusual t-shirt.


Taking a little time to rest with Zoey.  OH, look!  Someone photo bombed us!!


More shops….


And MORE shops! There were several more blocks of shops, but after a while they all start looking the same.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Scottsdale.  The only thing I missed seeing was Ari!  You, know, Ari on The Bachelor!  He is from Scottsdale.  Oh, well ……

Southern Arizona is known for it’s mild winters and LOTS of sunshine.  People have told us that it is no big deal when it rains here (unless it is the monsoon season in August!) because it’s usually just a few sprinkles, is over quickly, and dries up almost as fast as it falls.  Well, they are correct!  However, this week yesterday and today (Feb. 12 and 13) we woke up to very dark mornings.  It was cloudy and rainy all day Monday and most of the day today.  That’s pretty unusual for this area, so I thought I’d take a couple of pics to document it.



If you look really closely and zoom in to the left side half way down (the tiny black speck), you will see an Air Force fighter jet. They flew over all day that day!

Oh! I almost forgot!  Our friends, Dennis and Mary Ann, have their bicycles with them.  Dennis has a little basket on the back of his bike and their dog, Charlie, and he rides with them (there are two straps with hooks so the dog cannot jump out).  The other day, they asked if we wanted to take Zoey for a ride.  I said I was afraid I might have a bike wreck and hurt Zoey, so Dennis took her for her first bike ride.  Jack rode the other bike, and he said she seemed to like it!


She REALLY did like it even though she doesn’t look like it in this picture!

Well, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure what we are going to do, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fun.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

So for now ….. “On the Road Again!”



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